Choosing Your LED Sign

by Jun 10, 2019LED Basics

Selecting the Right Sign

Choosing the right sized LED model with proper resolution for your business depends on a few key questions. Where will your digital sign will be installed? Will your sign be seen by pedestrians walking close by at a slow speed or by vehicles far away moving at fast speeds? Will you display pictures, videos, or both? Our professional team at GDTech can help you answer these questions and choose the best LED sign for your business.

Pitch, Resolution, Viewing Distance, and Angle

The resolution of your LED sign ultimately depends on the particular pixel pitch of the model you choose. A smaller pixel pitch means a larger number of pixels on a smaller surface area. This translates to a higher resolution ideal for viewing at a close proximity near eye level. A larger pixel pitch means a smaller number of pixels on a larger surface area. This translates to a lower resolution ideal for viewing from a far distance high above ground level.

What Size Sign?

To determine the appropriate size for your location, take into consideration the speed and type of traffic, distance from the roadway, space restrictions, zoning constraints and desired sign content.


As with most big purchases, quality, features and size will all affect the price of your LED sign. An LED sign should not be viewed as a capital investment. Instead, look to your marketing and advertising budgets. Unlike traditional advertising methods, LED signs offer incredible value and ongoing return on investment. Consider this: when you invest in an LED sign, you control the publication of your message. You won’t lose time and money pushing an ad into circulation. Instead, your advertising will reach people when they’re most able to act on it. We’ve seen business owners sacrifice quality for price and purchase an inferior, imported product only to have it replaced a few months later. A low price can be enticing, but your initial savings may cost more than you anticipate. The fact is your investment in an LED sign is just too large to gamble your success on a cut-rate product.

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